Hookups, NSAs, and Friends with Benefits Explained

Know the real meaning of fuck mates, NSAs, FWBs, serious relationships, and sex for pay?

Master X June 11, 2019

Facebook, Telegram, and Instagram are filled with all kinds of relationships offered through hookups. Every corner you visit, you are likely to come across such:

  • Sex for pay only. Inbox
  • I’d like an NSA (No Strings Attached) relationship
  • FWB (Friends with Benefits) only
  • Serious relationships

Most people confuse them to mean the same thing, but they are actually very different from each other.

What Is a Hookup?

A hookup is the process by which a third party helps pair up two people to kickstart some sort of relationship. It could be any kind of relationship that can either be sexual or not depending on what was agreed on at the beginning. On most Telegram channels that claim to offer hookup services, one partner would post his/her details and the kind of person he/she is looking for. Interested parties will then reach out and give some info about themselves. If the person who requested the hookup is interested, one of the two has to pay a fee to seal the deal. We mostly see guys paying for such.

How Can I get a Hookup?

There are several ways to get a hookup in Kenya. You can of course use the regular dating apps like Tinder, Badoo, Tagged, and even OkCupid. It is also possible to get hooked up through a friend, but that is slowly going out of fashion these days. Apart from that, you could also rely on Telegram Channels that claim to offer hookup services, but you need to be wary because some are out there to con you.

Types of Hookups

Herein lies the various keywords we had earlier used in the introduction. Most are simply confused to involve sex, but that’s not always the case.

Sex for Pay

This type of hookup is self-explanatory. A person requests for a partner who will pay him/her after having sex. In most cases, the bulk of these requests come from girls rather than men. The amount is usually agreed between the two and it can thus range from 1,000 shillings ($10) to even 100,000 shillings ($1,000) depending on the partner you get. If you are looking for a sex for pay partner, you are likely to get one from Facebook or Telegram channels.

No Strings Attached (NSA)

A no strings attached hookup is almost like a sex for pay hookup but where the person requesting emphasizes on not getting involved after sex. Though NSA hookups were not originally tethered to cash, don’t be surprised if you are asked for “tokens” afterwards. Tokens or “appreciations” refer to the cash you’ll be sharing with your hookup after sex. While there’s no hard difference between NSAs and sex for pay hookups, sex for pays can turn out to be genuine relationships eventually.

Friends with Benefits (FWB)

If you need a friends with benefits hookup in Kenya, you’re likely to be disappointed because the “benefits” are monetary here too. There is also less emphasis on the “friends” part since you are more likely to be transactional with each other. This is the reason most people interchange it to mean NSA hookups and sex for pay hookups. Though rare, it is possible to land on a real FWB relationship

Fuck Mates

In Kenya, a fuck mate is a friend you casually have sex with minus the commitments. This actually happens to be the true definition of an FWB relationship, but it is not odd to find cash as a requirement in this type of hookup too. Fuck mates can be exclusive in that the two will have sex with each other alone rather than masturbate.

Serious Relationship

People looking for a serious relationship type of hookup are aiming towards companionship that may lead to marriage. They thus need their partners to be willing to settle down and work together to build a relationship and even a family in future. These tend to be successful if both partners are committed to the cause.

In summary, most types of hookups are known to be sexual in nature, but the two people that are hooking decide the terms. Remember to exercise caution when looking for hookups too. There have been endless stories of things that went wrong after two people hooked up. The channel or admin behind the channel needs to be reputable. Don’t judge a channel based on the number of members it has alone. Ask a few friends or even ask us. In addition, if you wish to report a channel that cons members by offering fake hookups, you can send it to us by filling in this form and we’ll warn the public.

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