Kisumu Raha Sex Guide

Its relaxed aura makes it one of the few towns that would be perfect for a weekend getaway with an escort.

Kisumu Girls – Thick, Dark and Sexy

Girls in Kisumu are known for having big booties and some of the sexiest figures. This is complemented with their dark skin tones. However, there are now a variety of girls in the town.

A large part of the population in Kisumu is conservative. This means that there are fewer Kisumu escorts and Kisumu call girls than a place like Nairobi.

Two girls in Kisumu dancing in Club Da Place

Escorts and Call Girls in Kisumu

Escort services are relatively new in Kisumu. As such, there aren’t so many escorts in Kisumu since the locals are unaware of their existence.

The number of Kisumu call girls is low too. In fact, local taxi drivers usually mention that the rich sponsors in Kisumu usually jet their girls from Nairobi using the 7AM plane and have them back in Nairobi by evening.

Most people are used to Kisumu’s street hookers. They hang around different places in the town where there’s plenty of traffic. Street hookers often charge not more than Ksh. 1000 ($10). However, sponsors still prefer getting escorts from other towns.

Strip Clubs in Kisumu

There aren’t many established strip clubs in Kisumu, but the main one is Club Bucaneers.

It is a strip club Joint along Makasembo Road. It was one of the first strip clubs in Kisumu, in a street that never once lacked action. Some of its girls come from as far as Uganda.

If you’re familiar with Nairobi’s Sabina Joy, you’d be sad to find out that there are no similar sex clubs/brothels around. Hookers in Kisumu simply hang around clubs.

There is usually an increase of hookers during the last days of the month as most people have been paid. The same happens during holidays as well.

Clubs in Kisumu

Kisumu’s clubs like Club Signature grow alive at night. (Image courtesy)

Girls in the town frequent the local clubs during the weekends. They can thus be good joints to meet with and interact with some of the girls.

Club Octopus

It is a popular club among the locals. You can find it along Ogada Street near Victoria Hotel in Kisumu and a short walk from Club Buccaneers. The club is home to average hookers, who charge between Ksh. 400 ($4) to Ksh. 1000 ($10) shillings for sex.

Stan Bradox

Commonly referred to as Stan B, this is perhaps one of the best places to get laid in Kisumu. Hookers hang around here from time to time too.

Catha Place

It is found near the same location as Buccaneers. As the club is spacious, you have lots of room to dance with your date.

Barcadia Lounge

Barcadia Lounge is found close to Club Roan. It is mostly packed during weekends and especially during holidays. There are plenty of sexy girls around these two clubs.

The Roan Bar and Restaurant (Roan Rooftop)

Roan Rooftop is not so easy to notice. It is located at the very top of Anyange Plaza which is found on Oginga Odinga Street close to Choppies Supermarket. Foreigners (wazungus) frequent the place. A wide variety of girls visit this place from time to time.

Club Signature

This is without a doubt one of the best clubs in Kisumu. The club itself is within the CBD, and almost every party lover knows about the club. You can find it on the fourth floor of MURBS Building along Makasembo Road. You will meet various types of girls here, especially campus girls.

Club Da Place

It is found outside Kisumu’s CBD but happens to be a favorite joint for many. Getting to this place requires a cab. It thus hosts some of the sugar daddies in Kisumu from time to time.

Rich Sponsors and Sugar Mummies in Kisumu

Kisumu does not lack its share of rich sponsors

Kisumu has plenty of rich sponsors who are willing to spend on their girls. Typically, they hang around local joints.

Around Kisumu town, The WestEnd Mall, and many of the hotels and restaurants around Milimani area are good places to find Kisumu’s sponsors. Outside town, Megacity and Hippo Point are joints that gets visits from rich sponsors.

Getting a sugar mummy in Kisumu is not easy. Compared to Nairobi, there are fewer sugar mummies here. There are also very few of them on online dating apps.

Kisumu Gays and Lesbians

There are no known spots where you can find gays or lesbians in Kisumu easily. This is because Kisumu is more cultural than cities like Nairobi. That said, there are no known gay clubs in Kisumu as well.

Kisumu Hookups

Most dating apps are still uncommon in Kisumu. This means that getting hookups in Kisumu might be slightly challenging. However, this might be common in the future as the population of the city grows. For now, hookups remain scarce as there aren’t many Kisumu escorts.

Kisumu Raha Sex Guide FAQs

Heard one or two things about Kisumu?

Are there any massage parlors in Kisumu?

Unfortunately, no well-known massage parlors are available in Kisumu City. Massage parlors that may exist might also lack “happy endings”. Kisumu raha would have been a bit richer if massage parlors existed in the town.

Kisumu is the only city in the Western side of Kenya. That said, Nairobi Raha and Mombasa Raha pack a lot more in terms of clubs, massage parlors, and brothels compared to Kisumu. You can however visit other towns like Kakamega and Kisii.

The best way to have fun in Kisumu is to make it your getaway location. There aren’t many Kisumu escorts or call girls in the town for good reason. However, its warm weather and relaxed atmosphere makes it ideal for a getaway location.